Social counselling

Counselling for employees

For your employer’s benefit, it is important that you can access expert assistance to help you resolve your personal situation. Benefit from advice and support from experienced human resources specialists. We are here to help you in accordance with our guiding principles:

  • Confidential: everything we discuss during our consultations is kept strictly confidential.
  • Professional: all our consultants are experienced experts with an outstanding level of education and training.
  • Respectful: we provide a discrimination-free service.
  • Fast: you will be given an appointment without delay.
  • In person, on the phone or online: you can choose which form of counselling you would prefer to receive.

As an external specialist service, we advise you on behalf of your company. We are here to support you with matters relating to workplace health management. These may include matters relating to your health (resources and stresses), your personal life (life-domain balance) and/or your professional situation (internal relationships with colleagues).

Everything discussed during our consultations is treated with discretion and in complete confidence. Before we can provide our counselling service, we need your written consent that you are happy for us to talk to you about your personal affairs. We will only act if you want us to and will only get in touch with your employer or other points of contact with your prior agreement.

The duration of the counselling depends on your employer. In other words, your employer has agreed to a certain amount of time which we may dedicate to you. The time allowed can be extended by arrangement with your employer. Here, too, we guarantee absolute confidentiality and discretion. The cost of the counselling is covered by your employer.

Recruitment service

For companies

We specialise in finding and recruiting top talent. The best candidates are waiting to be found, contacted in person and recruited. As specialists in recruiting professionals in all sectors, we can search for the ideal, most qualified managers and skilled staff for your company across Switzerland – in German, French, Italian and English.

With us, you can be confident of employing the right person for the right role.

We work with you to create the ideal profile

In a detailed discussion, we work with you to determine an in-depth job and candidate profile so that we know exactly who we are looking for each time.

Searching for ideal candidates

We use our skills to find and directly contact the exact types of people you wish to recruit. The type of candidates we look for do not usually respond to conventional job adverts or vacancies posted on social media, but are nevertheless looking for a new challenge and would be interested in working for you.

Selecting candidates

When selecting candidates, we pay particular attention to relevant soft skills, such as communication and negotiation skills, empathy, an ability to cope with pressure, motivation and dedication.


For jobseekers


Most of the positions we fill are not publicly advertised. Instead, we approach potential candidates directly ourselves. Send us your CV and we will contact you as soon as a suitable vacancy comes up.

Career advice

Our candidates benefit from free career advice. During a personal consultation, we will ask you about your goals and expectations, analyse your professional and personal skills and gain an understanding of your potential. Together, we will work out your next career steps on the basis of this discussion.

Job coaching

Our personal job coaching service helps you to retain your job or return to work. We will work with you to establish exactly what you want to achieve with our coaching.

Job coaching helps you to

  • improve your employability
  • identify how obstacles can be broken down or
  • identify how you can return to work.

We help jobseekers who have been out of work for several years and who are actively looking to re-enter the world of work.

Job coaching can also offer you assistance in your current job. Alternatively, if you have lost your job, we can support you to return to work. We will work with you to define your professional goals and to help you achieve them.

We will hold regular job coaching sessions with you to actively support you to retain your job or to re-enter work.

Job coaching covers the following:

  • Regular meetings to help you meet your goals
  • Support with building resilience and developing an ability to work and perform effectively; preparation for entering the regular employment market
  • Integration into the regular employment market
  • Interview training
  • Coaching and advice on personal, financial, health and occupational matters
  • Coaching and advice for employees and managers (if required)

As your trusted job coach, we place immense value on treating your personal data with care. We process your data in accordance with data privacy laws.

Before job coaching can begin, you will be asked to agree to our privacy policy. We will usually send you the required form by post or email before our first meeting. At the start of our meeting, we will reconfirm our commitment to keeping your data confidential.

Health promotion

Workplace health management

Motivated, healthy and efficient employees are the foundations of a company’s success. The objective of workplace health management (WHM) is to maintain and promote health, well-being and efficiency.

The purpose of this is to create better working conditions, optimum processes and high-performing staff. While these goals may sound ambitious, a holistic approach to WHM can yield the desired results.

From increasingly complex tasks and short deadlines to heavy workloads and the need to provide a high level of service, the demands placed on companies, managers and their employees are rising rapidly. Workplace health management (WHM) identifies solutions for dealing with this.

We help companies to strike an optimum balance between their employees’ needs, working arrangements and organisational processes.

We provide support every step of the way, from the introduction of WHM measures to their implementation and optimisation. Our services include organisation consulting, studies and analyses, workshops and coaching for companies and individuals.

We work in accordance with the Swiss quality criteria for WHM and can help you to obtain the Friendly Work Space® label.

Assessment tool

To help you appraise the quality of your WHM practices, we recommend that you log into the free assessment tool provided by Health Promotion Switzerland and complete the questionnaire provided (your data will be kept confidential and will be evaluated anonymously). At the end of the self-assessment, you will receive a report, which you can send to us to evaluate. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the current status of your WHM and to give you recommendations on what steps to take next.

Job stress analysis

Would you like to gain a better insight into the occupational health and well-being of your employees? We can provide you with professional support to help you use the Friendly Work Space Job Stress Analysis survey tool provided by Health Promotion Switzerland. Register to access the test free of charge so you can see what it involves. We would be happy to assist you in completing the survey and are here to answer any questions you may have.


As a specialist consultancy, we offer training on case management, job coaching, recruitment and workplace health management. We enjoy sharing the skills we have gained over the years and we run tailored training sessions for our clients – either on their business premises or at a training centre in Switzerland.

During our interactive training sessions and workshops, we impart our knowledge and help participants to transfer the theory into practice. Participants acquire specific specialist knowledge and broaden their practical skills, capabilities and expertise.

Over the years, our work with managerial staff, employees and HR managers from a wide range of companies has given us extensive specialist and practical awareness of social issues in the workplace. And we would love to have the opportunity to share these insights with you.

Our training sessions include both theoretical and practical components and, where possible, attendees hear from a company so that they can discover exactly how they could put what they have learnt into practice.

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently running any training sessions.