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Employee integration

At Marcel Emil Burkhardt & Partner, we also support and find jobs for people who have been out of work due to ill health. We specialise in workplace reintegration, job retention and recruitment and have already found permanent positions for numerous people with health impairments.

Assistance with returning to work can help reduce the burden on disability insurance, which is also increasingly being called for by policymakers. Of course, the first step is for employers to be willing to integrate people with health conditions into their business. Inclusive companies which actively support employee integration unanimously report that employing people with health impairments enriches the workplace. In turn, the employees concerned say that independence and self-determination are very important and make them feel motivated at work.

Marcel Emil Burkhardt brings together companies and people with impaired health, offering advice and support to both parties.

As a window construction firm, we are in constant need of good employees. Marcel Emil Burkhardt is extremely familiar with the requirements of the labour market. He was absolutely brilliant at finding just the right specialist for us.

Lukas Krüsi

Managing Director, Könitzer & Hofer AG, Worb

Mr Burkhardt found the ideal professional to fill a permanent position for us. We really enjoyed working with him. He impressed us with his skills and effective approach to finding a solution.

Luigi Sollami

Senior Vice President, Keune Haircosmetics Schweiz AG, Basel

To cushion the sudden jolts made by the cordless screwdriver, ergoexpert set up a telescopic arm with a torque screwdriver and balancer.

Successful reintegration of an employee so that she could keep her job

In this case study, we explain how an employee on extended sick leave was able to return to work thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation between a disability insurance office, the company ergoexpert SA in Tavannes, a wood processing company in the canton of Baselland and job coaching from Marcel Emil Burkhardt & Partner GmbH.

The employee in question had been performing repetitive work in the company’s workshop for several years. She operated the press on a daily basis and her job involved assembling parts using a cordless screwdriver. This repetitive work caused her to suffer severe elbow pain, forcing her to take several months of leave. After her repeated attempts to return to work all failed after just a short amount of time, her employer decided to seek external assistance to try and find a different solution.

The remedies subsequently put in place not only helped the employee concerned to return to work full time, but also resulted in benefits for all staff at the wood processing company. The employer made a strong commitment to keeping its staff healthy by investing heavily in measures to promote health in the workplace.

ergoexpert SA specialises in workplace ergonomics.

A crate lifter was installed to ensure that unloading and loading could take place at an ideal working height.

ergoexpert designed a small exoskeleton to support the thumb when performing a pressing motion.

A height-adjustable workbench was also installed.

Mr Burkhardt hired ergoexpert to help a wood processing company in the canton of Baselland to retain one of its employees. After evaluating the workspace, ergoexpert was able to make crucial ergonomic adjustments to assist the employee concerned.

Mr Burkhardt ensured that all the parties involved (insurance company, employer) were kept in the picture throughout the process. The advice on adapting the workspace provided by ergoexpert and the personal coaching by Mr Burkhardt worked in perfect harmony to support the employee concerned and the employer. Thanks to our excellent collaboration, the employee was able to keep her job.

Roger Stutz

Job retention coach – ergonomics consultant, ergoexpert SA